Design office

and Engineering consultants

Design and engineering in buildings

Enercia, subsidiary of the Thétis Group (consulting firm in design and engineering) is a consulting firm in thermal, fluids, acoustic, electricity and environment.


Specialized in engineering and design for buildings, Enercia offers its expertise in the construction of housing, offices, sports and aquatic centres and industrials buildings.


A recognized know-how

Since its creation in 2009, Enercia has worked on several references in France and abroad. Gathering all of the necessaries competences for engineering and design any types of buildings, Enercia is recognized for its know-how.


A thorough offer

Benefitting from the several area of expertise of the Thétis Group, Enercia “thinks” the design of a building in a global environment, while putting in use experts and bringing reasoning and answers in cross areas, for the benefit of its projects and users.


A common philosophy

Every employees’ of Enercia find themselves around seven values:

  • Enjoy one self and have fun
  • Surprise with the quality of service
  • Be adventurous, flexible and creative
  • Be passionate, combative and determined
  • Fail with success
  • Be free
  • Be humble